The Southern Belle Riverboat

The majestic Southern Belle Riverboat is one of Chattanooga’s most valued attractions. Taking a cruise along the Scenic Tennessee River while enjoying a fascinating admiral’s dinner cruise, sightseeing cruise, deli lunch cruise, captain’s dinner cruise, school sightseeing, or Sunday brunch cruise is a vacation experience you wouldn’t want to miss. There are snacks available for purchase that you can enjoy on sightseeing cruises, and lunch or dinner cruises, a delicious meal is offered.

About the Southern Belle Riverboat

The Southern Belle Riverboat is a 450-passenger excursion boat. It was built in 1985 at Serodino Shipyard in Hales Bar. Years later, the ship was sold to John Goldfine. He had a vision. His vision was that people could enjoy the beauty of the river while learning about Chattanooga. Based at Duluth, he strongly depended on his main employees, Captain Vince Vita and Joy Reinert. Captain Vince became the general manager of the ship and later passed it on to joy. Vince was not only the riverboat manager, but he embodied the spirit of Chattanooga as well.


This same spirit still exists at the Southern Belle Riverboat, and taking a cruise here will help you enjoy the boat and understand the city of Chattanooga better. 

When Does the Southern Belle Riverboat Run?

The Southern Belle Riverboat is located between the Olgiati and Market Street Bridges. In the past, it only ran for a couple of months annually, carrying up to 30,000 passengers during that time. However, things are much better today, and the ship carries up to 100,000 passengers every year while running sightseeing cruises daily. Today, there are two vessels, and the boat serves not only Chattanooga but also the other cities surrounding it. 


The ship is climate-controlled and allows you to venture inside to avoid the heat. You can also enjoy fantastic sightseeing opportunities from the deck and see the most important landmarks as you cruise up and down the river. Also, as you float along the Tennessee River, you will be able to see beautiful sights and learn more about the city’s rich history. Additional featured events include seasonal cruises such as the Fall Color cruises which allow you to enjoy amazing views of the vibrantly hued leaves while changing color each fall, and a Romantic Valentine’s Day dinner cruise. The Southern Belle Riverboat continues to be the only way you can enjoy lunch and dinner cruises and sightseeing and enjoying the picturesque views of Lookout Mountain.

Is the River Boat Ride Worth It?

Yes, and in many ways. For starters, the sights are breathtaking from wherever you will be in the West. You will get to understand the history of the bridges and the entire Chattanooga city and sail through the Tennessee River as well. The prices for the cruises are affordable, no matter what you are hoping to enjoy. No matter the occasion, be it a wedding or a simple dinner, you are sure that you will enjoy the food, drinks, and the entire experience.

If you want to access the bridge, the best thing to do is to find parking is at Coolidge Park. If you prefer the downtown area, Ross’s Landing parking near the TN Aquarium is your best bet. You will walk approximately 10 minutes uphill to get to the bridge.

Address: 151 Riverfront Pkwy, Chattanooga, TN 37402

Phone: (423) 266-4488

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