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Shed builders In Chattanooga

There are many shed builders out there to choose from, some may offer lower quotes than others. You can trust Scenic City Sheds to deliver a premium product at an affordable price, and you can count on it to be around long after it’s built. We construct your shed entirely on-site using the same premium materials you’d find on a high-end home:

It features 50-year rated exterior wall panels, 30-year algae-resistant architectural roofing shingles, 30-year ground contact pressure-treated 2×6 floor joists, 3/4″ thick weather-resistant flooring, 25-year maintenance-free PVC trim, and hand-selected premium grade 2×4 wall studs.

For more details, visit our Features page.

The price listed below includes 7-foot tall walls with a 4-foot-wide double door (for sizes up to 8×16) and 5-foot-wide double doors for any size larger. Our standard shed comes in tan with white trim. You can choose from either a gable or a lean-to style roof.

Looking for taller walls? Need a taller or wider door? We can do that too.

You may view our most popular options and prices by scrolling farther down this page.

When you’re ready, visit the booking page to set up a time for your shed to be constructed.
If you still have questions, feel free to call or text me at 423-225-2545.

Shed Pricing

*Shed Pricing is Subject To Change Without Notice

*Prices below are the base prices for our sheds. Just add any upgrades to these prices and that’s the price that you pay. No hidden fees or smoke and mirrors. You pay no sales tax or installation fee!

*Payments are usually made by cash, check, or ACH. If you would like to pay with an ACH transfer, there will be an additional 1% fee added. Credit or debit card, there is an additional 3% fee added.


  • 4x8 | 32 sq ft | $2,395
  • 4x10 | 40 sq ft | $2,695
  • 4x12 | 48 sq ft | $2,995
  • 6x8 | 48 sq ft | $2,995
  • 6x10 | 60 sq ft | $3,595
  • 6x12 | 72 sq ft | $4,095


  • 8x8 | 64 sq ft | $3,595
  • 8x10 | 80 sq ft | $4,095
  • 8x12 | 96 sq ft | $4,395
  • 8x14 | 112 sq ft | $4,795
  • 8x16 | 128 sq ft | $5,095
  • 10x10 | 100 sq ft | $4,295
  • 10x12 | 120 sq ft | $4,895


  • 10x14 | 140 sq ft | $5,495
  • 10x16 | 160 sq ft | $5,795
  • 10x20 | 200 sq ft | $6,795
  • 12x12 | 144 sq ft | $5,595
  • 12x14 | 168 sq ft | $6,095
  • 12x16 | 192 sq ft | $6,395

Shingle Choices

base shed 8x12

Base Model Sheds

We offer a base model of sheds that you can upgrade, customize, and get to fit your needs. The shed pictured here is a base model 8’x12′.

Base model features include:

Our basic shed design is created to meet the equipment and storage requirements of our clients. But we also recognize that some clients want to go above and beyond and add a unique touch to their shed. Perhaps you want to complement your home; maybe your HOA demands it, or possibly you want something extremely colorful and exciting. You can depend on Scenic City Sheds to meet your needs, whether you want to modify the color, add windows, or have wider entryways. This page is intended to provide price information and suggestions for our most popular modifications. If you have any questions regarding any of the options listed here, please get in touch with us.

Options & Upgrades for Custom Built Sheds

Customize Your Shed To Fit You!

Painting Options

a shed with custom painting

We offer paint options to fit your personality or fulfill HOA requirements.

$2.50/ SF ($300 minimum)

Shed with painted trim 1.3

Usually, we use PVC trim that never requires painting, but if you would like to have painted trim, we will substitute LP Smart Trim which holds paint well. 

$150 for standard shed, $200 for sheds with a dormer.

A shed with a painted door

Painted doors enhance the visual appeal of your shed. Transform your shed into a focal point of your outdoor space and discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality.


Window Options

A shed with additional windows

Fully functional 18x 27″ windows that come in either white or brown. They are screened and can be opened both up or down. Sheds built up to 80 square foot sheds will have one window, and larger sheds will come with two windows.


Larger Windows

We can add larger windows to your shed to help bring in the natural light. These windows are 24×36″. They can be substituted for your regular windows or you can add additional windows.

Upgrade from standard $50/ each
Add additional windows $175/ each


transom windows

Want some natural light in your shed but don’t want to sacrifice all of your wall space? Add some transom windows to your shed. These can be placed over doors or just in the upper portion of the wall to help light the shed.

$100/ each

Roof Options

metal roof Change from architectural shingles to a metal standing seam roof.

$3.75/ Sq Ft

A shed with a dormer roof

A dormer not only adds charm to larger sheds but helps bring in some natural light to your shed and makes your shed feel larger. A dormer can be added to any shed larger than a 10×12. Additionally, the roof pitch will have to be increased to accommodate the dormer.

Starting at $1600

A shed with a lean-to roof

Our compact Lean-To sheds cater to those seeking additional storage but are limited on space. Crafted to optimize available room, they effortlessly blend into smaller areas, offering an ideal storage solution.

Sheds 8 feet wide or less can be converted at no additional cost.

8/12 roof pitch

Our standard shed comes with a 5/12 roof pitch. If you are looking for something different to match your house we can do it.

6/12   $2.75/ Sq Ft

7/12   $4.00/ Sq Ft

8/12   $5.00/ Sq Ft

9/12   $6.25/ Sq Ft

Door Options


Additional DoorsIt is not uncommon for customers to request additional doors for their sheds as it offers a more convenient and easier way of accessing the shed. 

*Custom heights and widths are available

Single 3′ $250

Double 4 or 5′ $350


Make your shed doors stand out by adding inset transom windows. On top of being very attractive, they also add some natural light in your shed.

Single door $100
Double door $200

Double steel door

Add a steel entry door to your shed. Adds peace-of-mind security and makes your shed more weather-tight.

*Requires 8-foot walls

Price includes door, deadbolt, and lever

Single: $450

Double: $800

Prehung door

Add a fiberglass door to your shed. An additional level of security and makes your shed more weather-tight.

*Requires 8-foot walls

Price includes door, deadbolt, and lever

Single: $400

Double: $750

roll up door

Add a roll-up door to your shed. Adds an extra layer of security to your shed.

*Requires 8-foot walls


dutch door
Add a Dutch door to your shed. A great way to allow fresh air and sunlight in while still having a fully functioning door.


Interior Upgrades

Shed Upgrades - Shelves

Add 24″ deep shelves to one of the gable end walls of your shed. These shelves provide additional space for organizing and storing items, maximizing the utility of the shed’s vertical wall space.

$250 for 8′ Shed

$300 for 10′ Shed

$350 for 12′ Shed



Our storage lofts run the entire width of the shed and are 32″ deep. It is a great way to save floor space by storing bulky items above your head.

$100 for 8′ Shed

$125 for 10′ Shed

$150 for 12′ Shed

*Larger Lofts Available



Our workbenches are 24″ deep and run the full width of the shed, making them ideal for potting benches and tool benches. You can also use these as a storage shelf for boxes and totes.

$100 for 8′ Shed

$125 for 10′ Shed

$150 for 12′ Shed

Exterior Upgrades

A shed with a heavy duty ramp

If you have lawn equipment or UTVs to store, this is the ramp you want. They are affixed to your shed so they never slip or slide and are built to take a beating. Ramps are 4 foot wide.

$200 for Regular

$250 for Composite

$300 for Extra Wide Ramp

Shutters on a shed

Shutters are also great for adding character to your shed and making your windows pop. They are 9×27″, and available in white, black, green, and maroon.

$75/ Pair

A shed with a flower box

You can brighten up your shed by adding flower boxes. They are 18″ wide. Currently, we have vinyl flower boxes available in four colors: white, black, green, and maroon.

$60/ Each

Custom flower box

If the other flower boxes don’t add the character that you are looking for you, add these custom built flower boxes. Available in white PVC or cedar.

$75/ Each

Siding Options

Board and Batten Siding

Wood grain textured panel siding with 2″ trim every 16″ giving a farmhouse aesthetic.

$6-7 / Sq. ft. depending on wall height. 

*Skirting not included in price.

LP Shake Siding

A decorative siding we can add to the gable end walls to accent your shed and give it some unique curb appeal.

Starting at $200

Lap siding

Horizontal siding made from engineered wood that meets most HOA restrictions. 

$13/SF ($1,200 minimum)

Overhang Options

2x6 Overhangs

Larger overhangs that look more substantial and help shed water away from shed foundation.

$75- 150 Depending on shed size (Sq. ft.)

Fascia Detail

Class up your shed by adding fascia board to your overhangs, trim added to the face of the overhangs to give a clean, sleek look.

$5/ Linear Foot

Lighting & Power

Solar powered light

Add solar-powered lights to your shed. This gives you a lighting option when you don’t have electricity available.


Solar Sconce

Add solar-powered lights to your shed. These illuminate the outside of your shed and give off an ambiance.

$100 (Pair)

Power Plug

Add a shore power plug to your shed. This allows you to run power into your shed without having to run a cord through a window or door.


Skirting Options

PVC Trim Skirting

Finish off the look of your shed by adding bottom trim. This helps cover the wood from the outside of the shed floor and really makes the shed pop!

$4/ Linear foot

lattice skirting

Crafted from high-quality vinyl, this skirting offers a low-maintenance and visually appealing way to enhance the overall look of your shed and helps keep out unwanted pests.

$5-8/ Linear foot depending on height off material needed

Insulation Upgrades

floor insulation

If you are going to control the climate in your shed, then you need to insulate the floor to prevent mold buildup.

$5/ sq. ft.

Backyard shed builder

Add house wrap to your shed. The plastic acts as a vapor barrier, preventing moisture from seeping into the shed, helping prevent mold. It’s especially useful if you are going to insulate it or control the climate in your shed.

$2.00/ Sq. ft.

Other Options

A picture of a man standing next to two rulers signifying taller walls.

Our standard walls are 7 ft. tall.
Extend your wall height to add more headroom or a loft. Increasing wall height will also include taller doors if you wish.

8 ft. walls $2/ Sq. Ft.

Pub bar

Turn your shed into a poolside oasis or a backyard bar. Includes assisted opening hinges and a composite bar top,


Add concrete piers for footers or dig and cement posts into ground.

$225/ Each

Have Something in Mind That You Don't See Here?

If you have an idea or special request that is not shown, don’t hesitate to reach out. Metal roofing, larger windows, larger overhangs, add a canopy or roll up doors, ect. If you have a vision, we will do our best to make it happen.

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