On-site Shed Building in Chattanooga

Whether you want to organize your garden to wow your neighbors or clean out the garage so you can get to your car without tripping over a ton of other items, an outdoor storage shed is a great investment. You can get the most out of your backyard shed by carefully considering how to spend your money.

It will give you comfort to know you’re not alone in your belief that your space should be both beautiful and orderly. Because of this, we at Scenic City Sheds are dedicated to producing high-quality storage solutions. We design our backyard storage sheds with your needs in mind and construct them with premium craftsmanship.

Whatever the situation, we appreciate you considering us. As a family-owned and operated business, we appreciate your desire to create a beautiful, functional space that matters to you.

It's All About the Details!

While other companies may charge additional fees for features that we consider essential, we believe in transparency and fair pricing. We want you to experience the full value of your investment, without any unexpected costs or hidden charges. That's why we include these premium features as part of our standard offering, providing you with the best shed possible.

  • LP Smart Siding Panel (50-Year Warranty)
  • White No Maintenance PVC Trim (25-Year Warranty)
  • 2×6″ Pressure Treated Floor Joist (30-year ground contact rated)
  • Tuff Blocks or Concrete Blocks for a Solid Foundation
  • LP Legacy Tongue and Groove 3/4″ Subfloor (20-Year Warranty)
  • 7 Foot Walls, Constructed of Sturdy 2×4″ wall studs, 24” On Center, 16 O.C. on Larger Builds
  • Double Top Plate
  • Manufactured 7/16” OSB Roof Sheathing
  • Synthetic Underlayment For Added Roof Moisture Intrusion Protection
  • GAF Architect Shingles (30-year Lifetime Warranty)
  • 4″ Roof Overhangs
  • Ridge Vents or Gable Vents for no Extra Charge
  • Locking Security T-handle to Secure Your Shed
  • Rain Guard Over Doors, to Protect From Water Intrusion
  • Aluminum Sill Nose to protect Doorway
  • 6” Heavy-Duty Hinges to Support Your Doors
  • Hook and Eye Latches to Hold Doors Open and Prevent Slamming From the Wind
  • 10-year Workmanship Guarantee

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Shed Roof Options

We offer two shed styles to choose from both have their unique qualities.

Gable Sheds

Gable sheds stand as versatile and practical structures, providing a host of benefits that make them an appealing choice for various applications. Their hallmark feature is the distinctive triangular roof, creating a classic and aesthetically pleasing design.

Gable sheds are efficient for their use of floor space making these sheds an excellent solution for those with diverse storage needs or aspiring to set up a well-organized workshop, but they offer very little storage in the attic. Unless of course, you get one with taller walls, add a loft, or have a very steep roof pitch.

The architectural appeal of gable sheds contributes to their widespread popularity. The triangular roof enhances visual charm. Whether standing independently or adjacent to another structure, gable sheds seamlessly blend into various environments. Their timeless design adds a touch of elegance to residential or commercial landscapes, making them a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice.

Customization options further enhance the appeal of gable sheds. Owners can select from a range of materials, colors, and finishes, allowing for a personalized touch that complements the overall design of their property.

In conclusion, gable sheds offer a harmonious blend of functionality, architectural charm, and customization flexibility. Whether utilized for storage, workshops, or other purposes, these sheds prove to be reliable and visually appealing additions to diverse spaces.

10x14 Storage Shed Near Me

Lean-to Sheds

Lean-to sheds offer versatile functionality, making them ideal for firewood storage, bike shops, workshops, or as a contemporary take on the traditional garden shed. In areas where homeowners’ associations strictly regulate visibility, these sheds can even serve as discreet trash can storage solutions.

The suitability of lean-to sheds becomes evident in space-constrained scenarios. Their clever design allows seamless placement against existing structures like houses or garages, optimizing the use of available space. Particularly well-suited for smaller yards, these sheds are celebrated for their straightforwardness and their ability to harmonize with the overall design of the primary structure to which they are affixed. For those who appreciate a minimalist or unobtrusive aesthetic, lean-to sheds stand out as a practical choice.

One notable feature is the roof design, which can slope towards the front of the shed, directing water away from the adjacent structure. Alternatively, a reverse lean-to design is available, sloping towards the back. This configuration is perfect for standalone structures and prevents rain from cascading off the roof, ensuring you stay dry when entering the shed during a storm. The adaptability of lean-to sheds makes them not only functional but also customizable to suit various preferences and practical requirements.

Chattanooga sheds, 6x 12 Lean-to

Build Site Requirements

Your build site must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible for standard pricing:

  • The job site is within our service area.
  • Truck parking within 150 ft. of the building site.
  • Electricity hook-up within 100 ft. of the building site.
  • Clearance around the building site must be at least 24″
  • Clearance of at least 3′ above the shed’s roof.
  • The ground slope should be less than 8″ at the building site.

These are the most typical, however, other factors could be applicable. If you are unsure whether your site can be built, give us a call.

If any of the above is applicable to your build site, we may still be able to build your shed for additional fees.

Permits and Regulations

In some localities, permitting is required, which may also affect our start date. Sheds up to 200 sq. ft. (10×20) do not require a permit to build.

Homeowners are responsible for obtaining permits. Scenic City Sheds does not pull permits. Any HOA requirements, approval, or communication is also the homeowner’s responsibility. If you need any plans drawn up to assist with approval we can help with that.

For more information about permits visit our F.A.Q. page.


All sheds will require a deposit of 33% to reserve your building date on our calendar. We use your deposit to purchase the necessary building materials and pre-cut some of the lumber. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the project.


You may cancel your shed build with us at any time. If you choose to cancel within 7 days of your build date, you will forfeit your deposit as we have already purchased the materials required for your build and may have altered the product for your build.

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