Rock City Gardens

If you are looking for one of Chattanooga’s best attractions, Rock City Gardens will probably amaze you. As of today, Rock City is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area. Located at Lookout Mountain, Georgia, this is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who want to pave their way through the tall boulders at Needles Eye and Fat Man’s Squeeze along the beautiful trail.

The History of Rock City Gardens

Rock City is located atop Lookout Mountain, 6 miles from Chattanooga downtown, and is a true marvel of nature. Historically, it is believed to have been inhabited by the native Americans as early as before 1823. On August 28, 1823, Daniel Butrick described the place as “a citadel of rocks” on a mountain. In his journal, he mentioned the boulders’ immense size, arranged in a way “as to afford streets and lanes.” Geologists and hikers knew Rock City pretty well throughout the 19th century. However, the attraction became more popular in the 20th century.


It features enormous prehistoric rock formations, gardens that host over 400 species of native plants, and astounding “See 7 States,” where everyone finds it interesting to see how many states, they can spot from 1700 feet above sea level in panoramic views.


Lovers Leap

This is a rock that juts out from one side of Lookout Mountain. Its name is depicted from the Cherokee legend of two young lovers named Saute and a beautiful maiden named Nacoochee. They both came from rival tribes. In the story, Sautee was thrown from the lover’s leap by Nacochee’s clan. Nacoochee was stricken with pain and loneliness. She eventually threw herself to her death from the same spot. At Lovers Leap, you can have great views of the valley below, experience the most thrilling adventure of the climbing wall, and see the beautiful high falls.

See 7 States

While at Lovers Leap, you can also catch a glimpse of Rock City’s legendary view of seven states. See seven states that were formed during the civil war by a union officer and a Confederate nurse. They both noted in separate diary entries that the summit afforded views of seven states. Some of the states that the flag court serves as a tribute include Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Fairyland Caverns

One of Rock City’s founders, Frieda Utermoehlen Carter, had a love for European fairy tales and folklore. Garnet Carter, her husband, hired the best sculptor from Atlanta-Jessie Sanders -o design scenes from the world’s most beloved fairy tales in the city. In 1947, the settings were moved into Fairyland Caverns. Today, you can see them along with some of Rock City’s popular gnomes as you walk through the cave.

Swing-a-Long Bridge

Swing-a-Long is a suspension bridge that spans 180 feet. It is an ideal place to catch a view of Chattanooga Valley. You can also take some fantastic snaps at the bridge.

Mother Goose Village

The village was completed by Sanders in 1964 and is housed within fairyland caverns. Mother Goose Village is a breathtaking landscape with scenes from the classic nursery rhymes like the Three Little Pigs, Little Boy Blue, and Humpty Dumpty.


Additionally, there are special kid’s activities available seasonally. Kids can take a photo-op, do a geode dig, or mine for gemstones at the prospector’s point. However, charges may also apply for the activities.


Address: 1400 Patten Rd, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750

Phone: (706) 820-2531

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