Raccoon Mountain Cavern and Campground

Are you looking for a spectacular spot to tour as you enjoy the view of both Raccoon Mountain and Lookout Mountain?


Racoon Mountain Cavern and Campground is home to the highest-rated cave in Tennessee that will allow you a spectacular view of the two mountains mentioned above. This mountain consists of a complex system of caves, water, and electric and full-service RV sites. Located in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, this is one of the places that you should not miss when visiting. Below, we discuss more that you need to know about this destination.

Short History of Raccoon Mountain

Leo Lambert discovered the Raccoon Mountain Caverns in 1929. This brilliant cavern also found another site-ruby Falls- in Chattanooga. However, there are reports of early access to the falls before Leo Lambert’s discovery.


Leo Lambert was invited to investigate the air source that would blow out at the cracks at the base of the mountain. He understood that for air to blow out of the cracks in limestone rocks, there must have been a large cave behind it. He discovered a cave passage by enlarging the cracks that he eventually developed into trails and named Tennessee Caverns in 1931.

Outstanding Facilities and Amenities


 If your idea of a getaway is peaceful and tranquil, our cabins are the best there is. Each of them has a picnic table and fire ring to help you optimize your time on the grounds. There are also chairs on the porch and a grill so you can enjoy some simple meals as you watch the sunset.


There are eight cabins in total, and each has a different capacity, and each of them has Wi-Fi and cable TV except cabin 2. Other amenities may be available depending on the size and cost of the room. The cheapest cabin is $30 (Cabin 2), while the most costly is $89 (Cabins 8 and 1).

Tent Sites

The tent sites are built separately on their own to ensure a great camping experience. Whichever site you will choose will come with a picnic table and fire ring. Alternatively, if you do not like the basic amenities and facilities, you could make use of our electric/water tents that will help you do more.

RV Sites

The RV sites at Racoon Mountains can accommodate RVs up to 75 feet. These sites have city water, cable TV, sewer, and internet. Just like other facilities, there are picnic tables and fire rings at each RV site.


If you are a fan of camping clubs, you will be more than pleased to know that the Raccoon Mountains Cavern and Campground houses one. There are tables and chairs at the clubhouse. Additionally, you will find a stove or oven, refrigerators, two bathrooms, and a sink. There is also a table-laden porch, which means that you can enjoy other outdoor events. Whether it is a school/family reunion, birthday party, wedding reception, church group meeting, or other group activities, you will enjoy the clubhouse.


The site is open during office hours (8 am to 6.30 pm) each day. However, the offices remain closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Address: 319 W Hills Dr, Chattanooga, TN 37419

Phone: (423) 821-9403

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