Frequently Asked Questions


No, since we build on-site we don’t have the equipment to move sheds.

No, It is not necessary for you to be at home while the shed is being installed. We would appreciate if you could provide sufficient parking, access to the yard, and a power source in advance.

No, we build every shed on-site at your location. We carry materials in manually. We also construct every shed one at a time to ensure our quality standards are met.

Yes. We have a “Home Improvement License” but we are not a general contractor. We are able to handle builds up to $25,000.

This depends on our backlog and weather delays, but we typically can build your shed in two to three weeks. If a building permit is required and you need our help pulling it, the permitting process may take up to four weeks in addition to the above-stated time frame of two to three weeks.

It depends on the size and any additional features, but a shed that is 10×12 or smaller can typically be built in 2-3 days on-site, while those up to 200 sf usually take up to 5 days. Including features such as painting or lap siding may extend the build time.

No, some people want to paint their sheds themselves or want to just leave them as is. The material we use will be a tan color for side walls and doors and all trim will be white. We do, however, offer custom painting for an additional fee.

You can choose from many different upgrades and options, but the basic design of our sheds remains the same.

Your site needs to be reasonably level and we need at least 24″ (2 feet) of clearance around the perimeter of the shed. If your site does not meet these requirements, we may be able to build your shed but additional fees will apply.

Yes, you can have them placed almost anywhere you prefer. We can also assist you in choosing where to place each one.

No. We are not licensed electricians or plumbers, which is required to do that work in the state of Tennessee.

Possibly. Our largest shed is 12×20, it is possible for us to build larger but on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to find out.

You can convert a shed into a house in Tennessee but certain code requirements have to be met to do so. Always check with your county and city codes department first.

Typically permits are required for any shed larger than 120 sq. ft. Even if a building permit is not required, many sheds are subject to regulations. Generally, these codes are related to sizes, heights, setbacks, easements, and so forth. It is the property owner’s responsibility to know the codes that apply to their property, but we can help you understand them and advise you on how to comply with them.

No, we cut most of the materials and pre-fabricate some of the features at our shop ahead of time to speed up the building process. Rest assured that we are building your shed from scratch.

If a permit is required, it is necessary to have it before setting a build date. You are welcome to contact us to help with obtaining a permit and we can help with the process.

Getting zoning codes and permits from your city or town’s website is the first step; if you don’t have internet access, contact the local municipality, town hall, or county seat instead.

Pulling permits doesn’t usually require much work, but the customer may have to pay fees in order to process them.

Pro Tip: Be ready to bring building specifications for their review when applying for a permit (style, size, color, etc.).

  • Having a thorough understanding of building and zoning codes.
  • Paying fees associated with the permitting process
  • Creating and submitting site plans and shed drawings.
  • Submitting the appropriate application to the city/county.
  • Responding to requests for changes or modifications.
  • Picking up the approved permit
  • Meeting inspectors on-site when required.

On a case-by-case basis. If we build outside of our service area an additional fee will apply. This fee is for the extra associated cost such as fuel, time, food, and hotel stays. Contact us if you are interested but do not live within our service area.

  • Household Storage
  • Detached Garage
  • Tool/ Garden Storage
  • Dog House or Pet Shed
  • Playhouse
  • Music Studio
  • Gym
  • Man Cave
  • She Shed
  • Home Office
  • Art Studio
  • Craft Studio
  • Hobby Room
  • Wood Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Temporary offices
  • Pump & Control
  • Houses
  • Landscaping
  • Equipment Storage
  • Information Booth
  • Restaurant Storage
  • File Storage

The only sheds that we will attach to your house are built-on lean-to sheds. Otherwise, we do not attach sheds to homes or other structures.

Yes, we can work with many different doors and windows but there may be additional fees to do so. We do not warranty any customer-provided items.

We offer standard 30-year architectural shingles in five colors. We can also upgrade to metal roofing. In order to maintain our quality and workmanship warranty we do not offer any other roofing options.

Not at this time, we are looking to be able to provide this service at a later date.

We do. By paying a deposit, we can reserve an installation date, purchase building materials, and precut the lumber for your shed. The final payment is paid on the day of installation.

We require a deposit upfront of ⅓ (33%) of the total shed price.

You will forfeit your deposit if you cancel within 10 days of your build date. Otherwise, we will refund you your entire deposit less the portion paid for permitting help or plans.

No, we do not charge sales tax on our sheds. We try to have transparent pricing and be completely upfront and honest.

Yes, we require a 3% transaction fee for paying with a debit card, credit card, Venmo, Paypal, or Cash app. When using Zelle or paying cash you can avoid this fee.

While it is possible to relocate your shed after it has been installed, it will have to be lifted and have skids added to it, have the legs cut off, and it will have to be re-leveled at the new location.

There’s no need to dismantle fences, gates, or allow vehicles into your yard. Our team carries in every shed component and assembles it on-site.

No, we can build the shed for you and you can then have it finished out.

Scenic City Sheds is partnered with a financing provider, Acorn Finance. By clicking the link below, you can get started on obtaining funding for your project.

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